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NUHAUS in New York

Happenings Staff February 6, 2024

A week at Inman Connect New York

NUHAUS kicked off 2024 with a much-anticipated trip to New York for the 27th annual Inman Connect conference. As promised, it was a deep dive into all the latest developments in real estate: trends, tech, financing, and economic outlook. 

More in ’24: 2024 Data Shows Growth

Already, the data is coming in, and it's looking positive for 2024. Things are moving in the right direction, and the housing market could be full steam ahead with the rate of acceleration strong and steady, more like a freight train than a rocket ship. Robert Reffkin, CEO of Compass, reflected on the past year's challenges and projected a very optimistic future for the industry. We had a chance to catch up with Robert after his morning interview on CNBC (watch the video here). We got to talk with him about market trends and get a tour of his office.

AI: The Emerging Titan in Real Estate

The discussions around AI, spearheaded by OpenAI’s Adam Goldberg, were eye-opening. We were particularly intrigued by Dr. R. David Edelman from MIT, who spoke about the dual nature of AI - its potential risks and immense benefits when used wisely. This made us ponder the future of AI in real estate, and we are thrilled to implement what we’ve learned to leverage it to serve our clients better. From market research, communications, infotech, etc., AI is a tool that will speed up our lives and improve efficiency across the board.

Shifts in Real Estate Financing: A New Perspective

A particularly resonating session challenged the long-standing tenet that cash is king in real estate. We gained valuable insight into the rapidly evolving financing landscape, with demonstrations of new tech that allows for loan approval in record times and closings in less than two weeks. This shifting dynamic in real estate transactions and financing technology could accelerate the loan and closing process, benefiting buyers and sellers alike.

Puppy Love and Industry Buzz at Inman Connect

The event wasn’t all business; the happy hour with adorable dogs from Second Chance Rescue added a softer touch, reminding us of the importance of community and compassion in our industry. As we reflected on the busy days, laden with a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that we were eager to take back home, it was clear that Inman Connect was more than a conference; it was the pulsating heart of the real estate world. 

A New Year and some NuWaves

We left the event with our minds full of new ideas and strategies, ready to apply these insights to our Westside market. Stay tuned as we continue to navigate this ever-changing industry, always seeking to learn, grow, and create for our clients along the way. For those curious about the future of real estate, keep your eyes wide open and minds ready for change, because in this field, the excitement is ceaseless, and the opportunities are endless.

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