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June is all about Summer... And Father's Day!

Staff May 31, 2024

Celebrating Dads!  Going Above and Beyond.

June is all about the beginning of Summer… and Father’s Day, of course! What would summertime be without, yes, dads. Remember beach trips with the whole family in tow. True, Dad could be embarrassing at times, but he was equally awesome, and did some crazy fun things that would never be forgotten… or able to be forgotten. As we celebrate these special guys, it's essential to recognize the unique role that dads play in who we are and how we live our lives. Beyond being providers and protectors, many dads go above and beyond the call of duty to make creative and selfless sacrifices for their kids. In the spirit of Father's Day, let's honor those men who love being dads so much they go the extra mile and do those crazy, cool things.


Ski Lift Dad

How about the dad who built a ski lift in his backyard for his daughters during Covid lockdown, allowing them to experience the joy of skiing when they couldn’t get to the mountains or even leave home? Good job This incredible act of creativity and love embodies the dedication and unwavering commitment that many dads bring to their roles as fathers… and tinkerers.


Rainy Day Play

Another inspiring story comes from a dad who, to combat rainy days limiting outdoor play, built an amazing epic pirate-themed treehouse for his sons inside their home. 



Helping His Daughter… And Helping Others.

And then there’s the dad who, with the help of his engineer brother, helped build a safer wheelchair for his daughter with Cerebral Palsy so that she wouldn’t hurt herself like so many others who suffer from her same condition. This dad’s love ended in a brilliant solution that is helping thousands of others like his daughter.



Let’s Celebrate Our Amazing Dads

These acts of love illustrate the extraordinary lengths to which many dads will go to create a special and memorable home environment for their families. Their creativity and dedication not only enrich their children's lives but also contribute to the overall experience of life at home, making them truly unique and special.


Father’s Day provides a special opportunity to express our gratitude and celebrate the extraordinary dads in our lives. Whether it's a simple gesture, like a heartfelt card, or a grander expression of appreciation, like a family gathering or a special home project, it's never too late to show our dads how much they mean to us.


While we may not be building ski lifts or treehouses, we can certainly find meaningful ways to express our love and gratitude. Remember, being a dad is a lifelong commitment, and celebrating their creativity and selflessness is a way to show our appreciation for their unwavering love. We love you Dads and happy Father’s Day to all the

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