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NAR Settlement Staff April 9, 2024

What does the NAR Settlement, if approved, actually mean for you?

There has been an avalanche of headlines recently touting huge shakeups coming in the way real estate will be bought and sold. Unfortunately, the media thrives on shocking stories and often under-delivers on the details.

We keep hearing things like, “The 6% commission is gone,” and "Sellers don't have to pay Buyer commissions anymore."  Unfortunately, this is all very misleading and ignores decades of reality in the real estate business. The truth is commissions have always been negotiable in real estate transactions. Listing agents and sellers have always been able to plan commission structures as part of a selling strategy to attract the best buyers and get the highest returns on investments.



The 6% commission on buying or selling a home is gone.


Commissions have always been negotiable in real estate transactions. While the settlement does preclude listing agents from posting buyer commissions on NAR-affiliated MLSs, sellers can continue to offer compensation.

Call us… We’d love to explain how structuring the commission share on your sale can help you net the best returns.


Sellers no longer need to compensate buyer’s agents.


Offering buyer agent compensation or concessions is a choice made by a seller in consultation with their listing agent to strategize on the best approach to the current market.

Call us… We’d love to explain the strategies that work to get you the best returns.


Buyers no longer need a buyer’s agent.


Buyers are best protected by professional real estate agents. When making one of the most significant financial transactions of their lifetime, buyers deserve a trusted advisor to guide them through the process and represent their interests.

Call us… We’d love to give you some insight into how we protect our buyers and sellers through our comprehensive representation.


The settlement will fundamentally change the way Americans buy and sell homes.


Real estate professionals will continue to help buyers and sellers navigate one of the most costly and complex transactions of their lives.

Call us… We’d love to help you understand what top agents do for their clients.


Sellers are now prohibited from offering buyer’s compensation.


Offering a buyer’s agent commission has always been up to the seller. Sellers can continue to offer compensation to buyer’s agents if they believe it will lead to the best outcome for the sale of their property.

Call us… We’d love to strategize with you to help you achieve your real estate dreams.


Strategies for Success

The strategy of structuring buyer commission payments is a very complicated consideration, and we at Nuhaus are here to explain how offering commissions attractive to buyers can net you the most for your home, help you sell your home faster, and secure the best possible buyers who are most likely to close.

Do you have questions from the buyer's end about what this might mean for you?  We can explain. We are happy to give you the low down and discuss the best approaches to buying and selling homes in this complex market.

After all... Representation Matters!

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